We work very hard for the things that we have in this life and it’s not acceptable for someone or something to come along and to ruin them. However, this is exactly what happens every single day to people all across the country and I am talking about woodworm. If you have any type of wood products in or around your home, these critters will make a meal of it in no time at all. Many listed buildings still have wooden windows and doors and other additions to the property and these are in constant jeopardy because if they are infested with woodworm, they will be ruined in no time at all. 

If you spotted the telling signs like little small holes appearing in your wooden structures, then it sounds like you might have dry rot in Bath and you need to call out the professionals. This is a job that you won’t be able to do properly by yourself and so here are some reasons why you should call these guys out.

They have the right equipment – It’s a lot easier said than done to rent your property of woodworm and it requires certain implements and certain chemicals to get the job done properly. Your local expert will have all of these things.

They possess the knowledge & experience – It is easy to confuse woodworm with other things and so your dry rot specialist will be able to differentiate between both of these. They have been working in this particular field are many years now and they know exactly what they’re doing.

If you feel that your property is being inundated with woodworm, then you need to act fast before your small issues become bigger problems later.

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