Home D.I.Y stores in Bucks are one of the few areas of business that doing well at the moment, many a shop or café has had to shut its doors because they just don’t have as many customers as they used to. So, maybe you can’t for a Full Monty breakfast, but at least you can improve your property’s value somehow. You could have a go at any of the following and see how you get on;

Paint Your Cabinets

When you paint your cabinets it gives them a whole new lease of life, if they are a few years old then, they probably have scuffs and scrapes which decorating will help to cover up. If your cabinets are in good working order you could just try a different colour, sometimes it can bring a new feel to a room.

DIY Window Trim

You won’t require any special tools or hardware, as long as you have the basics, which most people will have tucked away somewhere. Do a quick Internet search for DIY window trim and you’ll find easy methods, some just use card instead of wood which might save you having to make use of large skip hire in Amersham, some people just can’t help themselves but get carried away.

Make a pallet wall

Don’t worry, you wouldn’t actually be making a wall, more like using some old pallets, cut them to size, treat them with some kind of varnish and use them as a sort of internal cladding to make your walls look like they are wooden, it looks really cool!

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