The growth of spider cranes has been blossoming rapidly all over the world than ever before on construction sites. This trend can be attributed to the changing demands in the lifting sector, thanks to the marketing strategies and safety health regulations adherence by crane companies.

A spider crane is a small crane that is made to lift relatively small objects where larger cranes and other machines cannot access effectively. These spider cranes are very suitable in locations with restricted spaces that have barriers. They are designed with outriggers which gives them the appearance of “spider” thus most construction workers refer to them as “spider cranes” when describing them. The outriggers also give them the ability to travel on tough terrains and are usually small and lighter to enable them to pick and carry loads under tight spaces and buildings.

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Benefits of spider cranes 

The ability of mini cranes to lift materials on the slope and uneven ground makes them an ideal solution for many construction projects and especially those being developed in rough terrains. This capacity is provided by the outriggers that enhance their stability while under operation in challenging environments.

For example, spider cranes are being applied in confined spaces such as borehole drilling to handle pumps which is a sensitive task. Other applications of mini cranes are in double doorways and shopping centres where space is limited to erect display billboards and signboards on tall buildings works on tunnels, sewerage repair, underground roads, mining locations, and other areas that have small space. It is the mini cranes that have made it a reality to install gravestones, historical monuments, and other narrow places all over the world.

Although spider cranes come in a variety of sizes, generally, most of them are lightweight but with strong and flexible outriggers that support them to perform in space-restricted locations. In fact, their compact shape allows ease. transportation in the project location.

Their lifting capacity ranges from 600kg up to 4.8 tonnes depending on the model and their size. Further, the mini crawler designs are cost-effective. When you consider renting or hiring the spider crane for your project, there would be less disruption in your location layout, and also there would be fewer activities to prepare for fixing the work at hand. However, this may depend on the nature of the work. Additionally, the spider cranes can travel on a lift or elevator hoist.

The construction sector has witnessed immense demand for spider cranes where constructors are looking for quality machines with experts who can operate them with ease. The construction managers must ensure the mini cranes are inspected regularly as per the manufactures guideline to prevent any possible accidents that can harm the public considering these cranes operate in a location with restricted spaces.

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