When you and your family need more useable living space in your home, and you do not want to move, you can consider extending your home. However, you must be careful with how much you spend on your home extension and look at the market value of your home when it is complete to ensure you do not overspend on your project. There are some options that you can consider that are affordable and will increase your home’s value that you can consider for it and you can see some of these listed below.

A Single-Storey Extension

When considering extending your home and deciding what type of extension you want to build, it is worth remembering that building a double-storey extension will also double the price. As such, it is more cost-effective to make a larger single-storey home extension, and it can help you create more useable living space for you and your family. You can find reputable builders Shropshire residents trust to do an excellent job and make the perfect open-plan living downstairs in your home to bring you and your family closer together. It is a solution that can add more value to your home than the investment required, so it is worth considering when you need more space.

Convert Your Loft

Another way to create more space in your home is by converting your loft and adding usable living space to the top of your home. To add value to your home, you will need to install stairs to the attic, so you must have enough room for this, and the pitch of your roof will also affect the viability of this project. If needed, and you have the available budget, you can add dormers to the roof to extend the ceiling height and open the space further. Depending on the size of your loft space, you may get two smaller bedrooms in the place or one main bedroom with a luxurious ensuite. Always ensure you use a reputable building company that is highly experienced in loft conversions, and they can help turn your house into your dream home.

Add A Conservatory

Another option is adding a large conservatory to your home, which can give you another entertaining area that can be ideal when the weather is nice. You will want to ensure that the conservatory is well-insulated and has double-glazing to ensure you can use it no matter the weather. You can add a large multi-purpose space if you prefer and have a place to watch TV and an area for the children to play. Adding a conservatory to your home will also increase its value and can be an excellent addition.

Build A Summer House In The Garden

You can also build a summer house in your garden, which has an indoor and shaded area that is perfect for relaxing. You can have barbecues and prepare the food in the summer house and a fridge to keep drinks cool. You can also add a wood-burning stove or a fire pit, so you can still use the space when the weather gets chilly. For some excellent summer house ideas for your garden, click here.

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