The doors and windows of your property are a vital part of its aesthetic outlook, and if they are past their best, then it reflects on how your home looks. Replacing the windows and doors of a property is a costly exercise that most people only have to undertake once or twice in a lifetime. But if you have existing UPVC windows, then an option other than replacement is available to you, spraying them.

Lower In Cost

Whether it’s a property that you’ve lived in for years or a home that you may have just moved into, changing the windows, as I’ve previously said, is a costly expense, but help may be at hand. For a fraction of the replacement cost, there are an increasing number of companies specialising in reinvigorating windows and doors by UPVC spraying. If you are constrained by budget or want to save money, then a saving of between fifty and seventy per cent may well mean that spraying your windows is something you may well be interested in doing.

What Is The Process?

Spraying your existing windows or doors involves both preparing and cleaning the windows or doors; most businesses who offer uPVC spraying will do this for you and follow the same general process, which is as follows:

  • Removal of any necessary objects and drop cloths placed to protect the property.
  • The silicon or seals of the windows are removed.
  • The windows and doors are then masked using tape.
  • Then degreased and cleaned to make there is no dust or dirt.
  • The window may then be given a light abrasion to allow the paint to adhere.
  • Your chosen paint is then applied using a spray gun – 3 to 4 coats.
  • The silicon is replaced in the selected colour.
  • Once dry, unmasked, and the area cleaned up – Quality control takes place.

The process might differ slightly, but generally, this is what most specialists will offer you when outlining what it entails; it will depend on the number of windows and doors being sprayed. You can often find that most medium-sized houses will not take much more than a day to do when a couple of people are working on it.

What Type of Paint is Used?

UPVC is generally only available in white or a few other colours; spraying your windows opens a whole new palette of colours, giving your property a completely different modern looking aesthetic quality. The paint used is a specific type that adheres properly to the UPVC; regular paint is not suited to the task; most spraying specialists will use a primer coat and then spray your chosen colour. At least two or three coats are sprayed to give a perfect finish that can give the impression that you’ve had new windows or replaced the doors.

Is There a Downside?

The condition of the uPVC can sometimes be an issue. As long as you select a well-reviewed specialist company to give you a quotation for spraying your windows or doors, they should inform you of any problems or if it’s not suitable for your property.

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