Suppose you desire to build an extension to your home but are restricted by your planning authority. You may still be able to make a conservatory. Conservatories can function as a house extension, but they often are treated differently under regulations. The difference between a conservatory from a regular extension is that they are made of lighter materials, and most of the wall space and three-quarters of the roof is transparent. With access to the interior of your house, a well-built conservatory can function as an extra room.

  • Benefits of a Conservatory: There is something special about a room with so much glass. You feel all the comfort of being indoors, combined with the freedom of being outside. Our innate duality causes us to desire both simultaneously. There is nothing nicer than having a room for tea, or dining in a well-lit room, even on a dreary day. You will have more success with indoor plants. And natural light will be better for you as well.
  • Conversion: The addition of a conservatory will change the nature of your home. If you do not have room to build an extension. It is often possible to convert part of your home into one. An internet search for conservatory roof conversion in Ayrshire will be your first step. There are several examples of simple but transformative additions.

It is difficult enough to live in the city and spend time indoors, rather than a more natural environment. But adding a conservatory to your home will convert it to a more natural and healthy space.  It will also add to the beauty and charm of your home.

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