There are some jobs that just can’t be completed without heavy equipment. If you’re planning to add a basement to your home, doing major landscaping to your property, or any other situation you can think of where you need a giant hole dug, then you might need to hire a mini excavator. While these machines are less powerful than a lot of larger commercial equipment, they are more than capable of most heavy-duty household projects.

What Should I Use a Mini Excavator for?

Mini excavators have most of the capabilities of their full-size brethren, but they’re better suited for work that needs to be done in small spaces. They’re often used for smaller domestic projects, including:

  • Installing outdoor pools or hot tubs
  • Light demolition
  • Sewer line repair
  • Roadside projects
  • Harvesting trees

If you’re looking for a mini excavator hire in Hertford, start by asking for recommendations from other contractors you’ve worked with. Often, if you’ve hired a builder for your project, they will hire the equipment themselves.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Often, the right equipment for a job is determined by how efficiently it will suit the job. Mini excavators are excellent for small jobs because they’re also lighter than a standard excavator, minimising damage to the ground around the dig site. Renting them based on the project can also be a more money-smart option, especially because there’s a wide range of attachments available to customise them for your needs.

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