Most people in Exeter won’t think about the dangers of a fire until they are involved in one themselves or, have a near miss. It’s human nature to think that, ‘it probably won’t happen to me’, some people, however, will do something to prevent the slim chance that a fire does break out, others will consider doing something and the remainder won’t do anything at all;

What can you do?

Considering that nearly all home related fires are caused by human error and, believe it, or not, cooking. You could take a look on the internet and do some research as to what the most common human errors are and what you could do differently. Perhaps you might see one of the major causes and think, wow, I do that pretty often and, if you are more aware than you can, at least do something about it.


If your kitchen was running like a business in terms of safety, then you would have fire extinguishers, a fire sprinkler system from Exeter, or even a fire blanket. If, the use of one of these fire prevention methods gives you or your family a 10% better chance of not being injured or killed, then it’s got to be worth it and your chances of ‘it not happening to you’ will be even greater.

Fire marshal?

You could book a course and become an accredited fire marshal, that would be a real achievement and there are online courses, or face to face groups, the choice is yours for the taking.


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