Whether you run a warehouse or a car repair workshop, you will be looking for an optimum flooring solution; one that can withstand heavy vehicles and oil spills, and the best solution is a coating of epoxy resin onto the concrete or screed, which seals the floor.

Here are a few reasons to select epoxy resin coatings for your commercial flooring.

  1. Durability – Nothing outlasts professionally applies epoxy resin and when you admire some of the stunning epoxy floors at Adelaide businesses, you have a flooring that is designed to stand the test of time. This really is a fit and forget scenario and will give you many years of trouble-free service and that is the reason most companies choose epoxy coatings. The commercial flooring contractor knows what he is doing regarding floor coatings and with his expertise and your creativity, the perfect flooring is the obvious outcome.
  2. Graphic Images – You can have hi-res digital images on the flooring, under the epoxy coating, allowing for your logo, markings and safety symbols and with an unlimited choice of colours, all are covered by the clear epoxy coating, which effectively seals the floor. You can create a stunning design that is also very functional, sending out the right message. If you have specific zones, they can be a different colour, with contrasting lines for clear sight. Next time you visit your local tyre shop or vehicle repair facility, check out their flooring, which would likely have an epoxy coating.
  3. Safety – There’s no safer solution than applying an epoxy coating, as the material is non-slip in all conditions, especially in wet areas, it is also chemical-resistant, making it ideal for auto shops of all kinds. This coating also makes it much easier to keep the floor clean and there are special solutions for food-related businesses, which are essential for the best hygiene environments.
  4. Value for Money – For what it costs, applying protective epoxy or polyurethane coating will certainly prolong the life of the flooring and should there ever be any minor issues, call in the commercial flooring contractor that installed the coating and they can easily make good. Even the toughest floors sometimes require repair, especially with heavy industry and the epoxy supplier is always on hand to carry out timely repairs, should they ever be required.

Online Solutions

If you would like to explore the potential of applying epoxy resin to your commercial flooring, start with a Google search for epoxy flooring contractors near you and ask a couple to pay you a visit and show you the many options.

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